Way of the origins

Bringing together people, towns and emblematic places, the Camí dels Orígens is a mountain route that connects the Conflent with the Ripollès, ancient counties that contributed to the birth of Catalonia in the ninth and tenth centuries

These valleys, with a common history that goes back to the medieval origins of the nation, the Catalan language and the flag, are of the most mythical of the Catalan Pyrenees, they recall their past with a route divided into 5 stages.

To follow the route you will find some corten plates with the direction to follow. In the Ripollès section, you will find these plates at the crossroads of the Itinerànnia trail network, to follow the route you can also follow the yellow paint marks of the trail network


Stage 1: Rià-Vernet-les-Bains

Length: 14.2 km

Estimated time: 4h50min

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Stage 2: Vernet -les-Bains- Mantet

Length: 22.5km

Estimated time: 10am

Accommodation proposal:


Stage 3: Mantet-Núria

Length: 22.1 km

Estimated time: 9h25min

Accommodation proposal:


Stage 4: Núria-Ribes de Freser

Length: 14.7km

Estimated time: 5h20min

Accommodation proposal:


Stage 5: Ribes de Freser-Ripoll

Length: 20.4km

Estimated time: 8h20min

Accommodation proposal: