Recommendations to walk

Recommendations for hikers

  • Recommendations to walk Itinerànnia

Before setting out

• Find out about the route. Choose a route that is well suited to your level and do not overestimate your capabilities.

• Make sure that you take the necessary equipment and provisions to undertake the chosen route. It is advisable to take a map.

• Check the weather forecast. There may well be frost and snowfall in winter, and afternoon storms are frequent during the summer months.

* Sudden changes in weather conditions are common in high mountain areas. Please pay attention to the signs of nature and use your common sense.

During the route

• The calculated time does not include rest breaks, lunch breaks or observation breaks.

• Please follow the signposted routes. Please respect private property and take extra precautions during hunting seasons.

• It is advisable to take water with you, especially in the summer, and protect yourself against the sun.

• Please respect the cattle gates and close the wire fences after passing through.

• If you are taking a dog(s), keep it on a lead wherever there is cattle.

• If you are followed by dogs, do not allow them to follow you for many miles because then they do not know how to return, tell them to go back

• Please take litter with you and dispose of it in designated areas.

• Please respect the silence of nature. You will be able to feel and listen to the special, distinctive sounds of the area.

Itinerannia will not accept responsibility for the incorrect use of hiking trails or the irresponsible behaviour of its users.