Around Campelles and Ribes de Freser under the gaze of Taga. Route 12 Ripollès

Throughout the route you will enjoy beautiful views of the Ribes valley and its surrounding
mountains, with Mt. Taga watching your steps during all the route

  • Modality
    • By foot
  • Region
    • Ripollès
  • Towns
    • Campelles
    • Ribes de Freser
  • Time
    • More than 4 hours
  • Difficulty
    • High
  • Estimated duration
    • 5h 45min
  • Distance
    • 14,9km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 1.313
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 858
  • Ascent
    • 743
  • Descent
    • 743

The route starts at the end of Carrer Major in Ribes de Freser head towards the beginning of the pathway to “Sant Antoni”, next to a hotel under the same name, where you find the R145 sign Camí de Sant Antoni. Climb up following the old trail to the chapel, soon you will see the aerials indicating the location of “Sant Antoni”. Just before arriving, below the chapel, a sign shows you the way to a lookout. It is worth a visit as you can enjoy breathtaking views over the mountains and villages of the valley. Above the lookout you can see a bunker built at the end of the civil war to keep the valley under strict surveillance.

Backtrack uphill to the chapel of “Sant Antoni” where you will find a spring and a curious well and a croisement RF1. Continue direction Campelles on the paved track and soon you will arrive at the Coll de la Casassa pass, R144 sign. Head to Campelles through an old wide trail with beautiful views towards Planoles and Toses valley. The trail leads you to Campelles where you will find the R143 sign Campelles just next to the road entering the village. Cross Campelles through its main street passing by the church of “Sant Martí”  until you find the R141 sign Fontibernes.

At this point keep walking in the direction of “El Baell” you must turn left and go down through a paved track until the old bridge over the “Torrent de Can Coll” stream. Just before arriving at the “Can Coll” mill you have to take a little path on your right following the yellow marks. A few meters further ahead take an unpaved trail to slowly climb up passing through meadows and little forests until you find again the road to “El Baell”.

Stay on this road going downhill until arriving at the R140 sign El Baell, near a set of houses. Keep walking down following the road and crossing the settlement leaving on your left the little church and the Terralta Hotel. Just after leaving the village on an open bend you must leave the road to your right and head towards “Can Pernau”. Before arriving at this house you must take a wide path on your left that rapidly descends through an area of old crops. Pay attention to the yellow marks and go right until the path enters into a forest. Go downhill on a path through a dense pine forest that will lead you to the Montagut spa.

Once at the spa, you have to cross the main road and cross tothe other side of the river Freser by the bridge. A paved track on the left goes uphill to the “Parramon” farmhouse. Follow this track, and after a few minutes you will see the R139 sign Balneari de Montagut. After three curves you will arrive at the R138 sign Camps de la Talaia. Here, leave the track you were following to take another wide trail going gently uphill.

Further ahead you have to leave this trail to take a pathway on your left taking you above the fields of “Can Torroella”, to later enter into a dense forest. This enjoyable narrow path ends in a wide trail near the “Font de la Teula” spring, just above Ribes de Freser's water treatment plant. Follow the water treatment plant road towards Ribes until arriving at the road that goes up to Bruguera. From here go down the road until arriving at the rackraillevel crossing, R125 sign Pas a nivell del cremallera. Following passeig Salvador Mauri and a a small stretch of the  Passeig Guimerà cross the Freser river by the bridge and go along the road to the beginning of the route.