Coves and coastal paths: De la platja gran de Portlligat al far del Cap de Creus

The old route that linked Cadaqués to the lighthouse crossing through olive groves and stunning beauty spots of great natural interest, with spectacular views of the precipitous coastline of the Cap de Creus.

  • By foot
  • Alt Empordà
  • Cadaqués
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 2h 20min (anada)
  • 5,54 km
  • 208
  • 160
  • Coves and coastal paths
  • Walking in Cap de Creus

Find the AE252 Portlligat trail junction on the beach in Portlligat. Walk along part of the creek bed and then follow the paved path to the end.

From here, cross the road a couple of times to a path that heads downhill. To the right is Cala Es Jonquet, with Punta de Colera beyond.

Continue along a small section of the road, to the right (about 200 metres). Turn at the sign for the Platja de Sant Lluís and continue straight towards Cala Jugadora. To the right is the Platja de Sant Lluís. Follow the path to a small junction and turn left.

The AE239 Sota Puig Pelegrí trail junction is at the top of the hill. Turn left, following the flag that indicates the direction towards the lighthouse. The trail is easily spotted and runs along the old footpath from Cadaqués to the lighthouse, crossing through olive groves and exceptionally beautiful scenery, with magnificent views of the dramatic coast of Cap de Creus. The AE240 Font de Cala Jugadora junction is found just before the lighthouse; continue straight to visit the lighthouse. Return back to the start along the same path.