Cycling route of the Llierca Valley

The cycling route of the Llierca Valley allows you to get to know the towns around the Llierca River and where you can discover a large number of natural and heritage attractions.

  • Modality
    • On bycicle
  • Region
    • Garrotxa
  • Towns
    • Argelaguer
    • Castellfollit de la Roca
    • Montagut i Oix
    • Sales de Llierca
    • Sant Jaume de Llierca
    • Tortellà
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Medium
  • Distance
    • 29,1 km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 314m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 176m
  • Ascent
    • 412m
  • Descent
    • 412m

Depending on the type of bike you ride, some points can be difficult and you may have to put your foot on the ground, but these are very short sections.

The circular route with two return points can be started wherever you want and allows you to make a circular lap and return to the starting point.

The description we propose starts the route in Castellfollit de la Roca:

Next to the old church of Sant Salvador, we find the Itinerànnia CF2 crossing, where we find the first indicator. To follow the route you need to pay attention to the yellow paint marks. At some points we will also find a square plaque with the identification of the route.

We go down the Camí de la Rossolada to the medieval bridge where we find the CF1 indicator, a little further on, we find the MiO3 les Hortes indicator, we continue along a path, where you have to be careful because this first section is stony until it ends at a dirt track, we will pass by the side of the Pont Trencat and continue along the river until we reach the crossing MiO1 Camí de la Devesa. Following the paved track, cross the river and head towards the neighborhood of La Cometa, pass under the road and the expressway, go right and reach the old road, go left and do a short stretch with caution Pay attention to the signs and turn left towards La Cometa, going up Carrer de Comanegra, until you find the cycle path. We take a section of the cycle path and arrive at the MiO8 Ctra Montagut. In this indicator, we could continue towards Montagut or towards Sant Jaume de Llierca. The description we propose continues towards Sant Jaume de Llierca.

With caution we cross the road and take a grassy path between fields, which soon leads to a track and then reaches the paved track of the Politger plan. We have to be careful because towards the end of this track, we have to take a narrow path to the right, pass a narrow bridge over the road and continue along the esplanade until we reach the cemetery. Cross over the motorway and go left to go down to the end of Carrer Major de Sant Jaume de Llierca. We find the G51 and G45 crossings, just past the Monter company, take a narrow path that passes by the road fence and go along the sidewalk to cross the bridge (be careful, it is narrow). We continue a few meters and find the SJLL4 junction, in the barri del Pont, follow the signs to find the track by the river, which takes us towards Argelaguer. Before reaching Argelaguer, we go parallel to Garrell Park, which we can visit. We continue along the track and find the A2 junction Font de Morató, continue in the indicated direction until the next junction A4 Torrent del Vinyot and enter the village where we find the A5 Carrer Muralla signpost, follow the direction of Tortellà. We find the house of the Montpalau family, called Castell d'Argelaguer and we continue through the streets of the town. It is necessary to pay attention to the yellow markings, we continue through the area of the polygon and backtrack to cross the road and climb an asphalt track, until on the right we take a path for pedestrians and bicycles, you have to go be careful in this first section of descent, then we go up again until at the entrance to Tortellà where we find the cycle path painted red. When the bike lane ends, on our left we will see the T5 Camí de Brunells signpost. We suggest you go straight and reach Sales de Llierca, where you will find the church of Sant Martí and the town hall. While following the yellow marks, we will have to do a little less than two kilometers to get there. The return is the same way.

When we are back at the T5 junction, we continue, in the direction of the Llierca bridge and Montagut. In Tortellà square we find the G164 junction, go right and then left, until you reach the G992 Safareigs junction, continue up to the left and reach the road. We cross with caution and continue up, this section coincides with the GR. After a few meters the paved track becomes a dirt track, and after a few more meters we find the T6 Camps de Bellpuig crossing, which makes us leave this track and the GR. We go to the left and following the track and the yellow markings we reach the T7 La Quintana junction, where we get back on the GR and reach the Pont del Llierca. We find the G48 crossing. To cross the bridge we will have to get off the bike and on the other side we will find the G47 indicator. Paying attention to the yellow markers, we go to the left and take a piece of the road until we see a path on the left with a chain. You have to leave it (although the yellow markings are there), and continue until the next road on the left. We have to take this path, we immediately recover the yellow marks. In some sections it can be a little difficult as it is stony, the path leads to a track that climbs until we reach the first houses of the village of Montagut. We go left to the main road. In front of us we find the G49 intersection, which tells us to go to the right, follow the road until on the right we see the cycle path and take it. We arrive at the MiO8 crossing of the cycle path that we had already passed through before. To return to Castellfollit and finish the route, we have to undo the path. Go down Carrer Comanegra, reach the road and go to the right, go up to the right, where it indicates les Angles, and following the track go left to cross the road and the expressway until you take the path that borders river takes us to the medieval bridge and we arrive, again, in Castellfollit de la Roca.