From Sadernes to Santa Bàrbara. Ruta 1 Alta Garrotxa

On clear days on certain stretches of this walk you can look eastwards and enjoy the views that extend right across the Empordà plain as far as the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Modality
    • By foot
  • Region
    • Garrotxa
  • Towns
    • Montagut i Oix
    • Sales de Llierca
  • Time
    • More than 4 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Medium
  • Estimated duration
    • 4h 20min
  • Distance
    • 10,23km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 722m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 256m
  • Ascent
    • 607m
  • Descent
    • 626m
  • Thematic
    • Parishes Alta Garrotxa routes

The walk starts in the car par at Sadernes, just 150 m on past the church of Sta. Cecília. Go down the steps next to the Itinerànnia information panel to the track where you will come to Itinerànnia signpost G-32 Molí den Galzeran. Here, take the footpath that drops down into the woods following the indications ‘Oix /Montagut per Palomeres’. Cross over a track and then begin a stretch alongside a long metal fence. At the end of the fence, keep rightalong the edge of a field until the path starts to narrow and you leave the fence. Here you pick up a track heading in the same direction that takes you down to the riverbed. Cross over the river diagonally in an upstream direction and in 150 m you will see a rocky ramp on the far bank. Climb up here and continue heading upwards on the path into the forest.  

At the first junction keep right and then drop down slightly into a gully, after which you begin to climb steadily alongside a wire as far as Coll de Jou. From here, continue on towards Santa Barbara leftwards along the right-hand path and continue to climb a little. Now you will have a fence on your right and continues until it meets the path that comes from the house; turn left and then where the path ends, turn right and continue climbing gently.

During the climb, keep left at a junction and come out onto a track, which you should follow straight on in the same direction. This track crosses a saddle and then a little way ahead comes to signpost G-175 that indicates that you have 45 min to go before reaching Santa Bàrbara. Head up right from the track on a path that starts to climb and give excellent views over the gorge of Estret d’Escales off to your right. You pass by a small shrine, which is where the path bends off to the left. From here on as you climb, you will see the church of Sta. Bàrbara off to the right. Once you reach a flatter, more open area, the path turns towards the church and starts to climb more steeply. Once on top, go round the left-hand side of the house and church to find the entrance to the church and the esplanade in front of it.

Leaving the church and house behind you, and down a path into the forest. You will reach signpost G-186. On the viewpoint of Coll de Palomeres we go to Sadernes, in this way rediscover the signpost G175 where we follow the direction to Sadernes on the left and continue down with the views of the cliffs to the left.

At Coll de Jou, turn left towards the small house, and then right following the signs to ‘Sadernes’. You come to the wire fence and then start to drop down alongside it. Cross the gully and continue to lose height gradually until you come out to the broad river bed. Cross the river diagonally and continue along the track and then alongside the fence around the field. Turn left and climb up to track and signpost G-32. Cross the track and head up into the car park and back to the start of the walk.


The regulations for uses and access to Sadernes, during periods of high influx, you will have a booking. The reservation gives the right of access to a vehicle in the Sadernes car park. Once the reservation has been made, you will receive an email that will be used to access you, with a reservation number and a QR code. This code is essential to access the space, guaranteeing capacity in the Sant Aniol valley.

You can buy the ticket on the booking page Prebooking

Book from a place with good mobile phone coverage. In Sadernes there is insufficient coverage.