From Sant Pau de Segúries to Sant Joan de les Abadesses walking along the river Ter. Route 10 Ripoll

  • By foot
  • Ripollès
  • Sant Joan de les Abadesses
  • Sant Pau de Segúries
  • Between 3 and 4 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 3h 25min
  • 11 km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 880
Hide elevation minimum
  • 766
  • 245
  • 328

The route starts at the Generalitat square, in Sant Pau de Segúries. Head towards Era square, next to the sports centre, to continue along the main street to cross the old part of town. At the end of the street you have to cross the bridge to arrive at the road. On the other side you can see the R66 sign Estació Meteorològica. Stay on the road to Sant Joan de les Abadesses always following the GR signs (GR stands for long distance hike).

Just before the bridge over the Ter river take the paved road on your left and walk on it until you come across a steep climb, then leave the road to take the wide path on your right normally closed by a gate. Cross a pasture area until you find a second gate. Follow a little path first uphill to later descend to a stream from where you have to take a wider trail crossing a dense chestnut forest.

Follow this trail while crossing the “Font de la Puda” stream. Optionally you can make a detour and visit the sulphurous “Font de la Puda” spring. To do so, just follow the stream uphill. Keep walking on the trail which will get cleaner as you go by a shady beech forest until you meet again the paved road next to the Folcrà bridge.

Follow this road passing by the “Repunxó” house to further ahead take a dirt track on your right. Continue along this track while crossing the Ter river by the Perella bridge, one of the highest in the county, built in the early twentieth century to get access to the nearby oil mines. From here follow the PR signs and in a quarter of an hour you will arrive at the church of “Santa Magdalena de Perella”, located on top of a hill overlooking the valley.

Following the main trail you will walk along a large flat area of agricultural and grazing plains. You will pass by the “Marquès” farmhouse and further ahead you will arrive at the “El Grau” farmhouse. Descend to cross the “Torrent del Coll de Pal” stream and pass by a hydroelectric plant. A few minutes later the trail ends at another trail, this one closer to the Reixac bridge where a few meters higher you will find the R26 sign Pont del Reixac.

Follow this new trail uphill until arriving at the Llastanosa plains where you will find the R25 sign Camí del Muig. Go downhill to the stream and cross it to take a steep climb towards the ruins of the “Pujol” farmhouse, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Ter valley. Follow a grassy path downhill that will bring you to the “Colònia Llaudet”, an industrial estate, on the other side of the river Ter. Take a little path to arrive at the “Batllia” farmhouse, from where you have to follow a paved track across the Coll's plains. The track goes rapidly down to a stream which you have to cross by a bridge next to the Malatosca mill.

After a steep climb you will find the scenic greenway road which you will have to follow until you arrive at the junction with the road coming down from Ogassa. Follow this paved road into town passing by a hostel and the old train station, nowadays a restaurant. Go down the stairs until you arrive at the Gothic old bridge. Cross it to arrive at the Romanesque church of “Sant Pol”. Now cross the main road and follow the Pere Rovira street until arriving at the apse of the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, where you find the R24 sign Monestir, the end of this route