From Sant Pere Despuig to the Rovira bridge, passing by the Moli d'en Solà. Ruta 3 Vall dels sentits

A walk through some ot the prettiest corners of the Vall de Bianya, following the course of the Santa Lucia river until reahing the Rovira bridge, apart from being able to visit the church of Sant Pere Despuig.

  • By foot
  • Garrotxa
  • Vall de Bianya, La
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 2h 15min
  • 11,74 km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 613
Hide elevation minimum
  • 322
  • 361
  • 283
  • Rutes Vall del sentits (Vall de Bianya)

The itinerary begins at the church of Sant Pere Despuig, where we can park easily and observe the beauty of the church, which was consecrated in the year 964. due to the change of its original disposition, the church changed its orientation to North to South, which has left very few parts of the 12th century Romanesque building.

We initiate our hike at the VB6 signpost. We go down the access lane to the church and at the entrance we find the signpost VB7. We follow the direction indicated along the small road, passing by houses named Mas Llach and la Bossa. We follow the road for 10 minutes or so, until we come across the basis Itinerania network board, crossing VB8, where we take a left turn in the direction of Rovira's bridge (pont de la Rovira).

After a short way we find the Planagem pool, in which one can have a refreshing swim in summer. We continue our hike along the same track, coming to the G170 crossing, if we go in the Riudaura direction it will lead us to Mas Espunya, but we will go along the road in the direction of Rovira`s bridge until the ford at the Molí d'en Solà, where we find the VB9 signpost. Once across the Santa Llucia river we can see the houses at Can Sola and the ancestrail manor house of Moli d'en Solà.

After admiring the beauty of the Moli d'en Solà and the stone bridge over the river, we continue our hike along the road to the crossroads near the houses Cal Mestre and Cal cutrà. At signpost VB10 we take a footpath to the left that crosses the river twice and entersn the shady woodland known as the Bac de la roca, an then carry on along the path for a while, which runs alongside the Santa Llucia de Puigmal river.

Furhter ahead, the path rises somewhat and after crossing various little brooks, we arrive at a crossing where we turn to the right, after a short downhill spell we come to the Rovira bridge. To return to our point of departure, we go back the same way.

If we still have some energy left and feel like walking a little furhter, by following some yellow marks we come to the church of Santa Llucia, to return we also go back the same way.