From Setcases to Vilallonga de Ter through Tregurà and the ''camí del port'' way. Route 19 Ripollès

  • By foot
  • Ripollès
  • Setcases
  • Vilallonga de Ter
  • More than 4 hours
  • Medium
Estimated duration
  • 5h 45min
  • 15,5 km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 1695
Hide elevation minimum
  • 1070
  • 730
  • 925

The route begins at Setcases, follow the Font street to the end ofthe village until finding the R103 sign Carrer de la Font. Continuealong the old road to Tregurà, following the PR white and yellowmarks (PR stands for short-distance hiking route). You have tocross the Pastuira stream just near a beautiful waterfall. The pathkeeps climbing over the narrow gorges of the river Ter amidboxwoods and pines until finding, after a short descend, a trackcoming up from “El Catllar”. Follow this wide track on its way upgoing into the Catllar valley with the Fontlletera peak as a backdrop.

Once you arrive at the “Cabana del Ras”, leave the track to godown starting just behind the house, first through the fields andthen following a little path through the forest. You will pass nextto an upwelling source known as “Font de Sant Martí”. The pathrapidly descends to the Catllar riverbank. Cross the river and followa wide path downstream until you find another path that willlead you to an open area. At the end of the fields after passingbelow the “Salt del Querroig” waterfall the path narrows amid adense birch forest. After a short but steep climb the path comesout onto an old trail that you must follow to Tregurà.

You will arrive at the village walking above the pipeline of thehydroelectric power station, from where you can enjoy excellentviews over the Vilallonga valley. On the road you will see the R101 sign Veïnat de Dalt.

At this point leave the PR marks to follow the road on its waydown until you arrive at a big bend in the neighbourhood of“Tregurà de Baix”. Now follow a wide track to the Tregurà riverbankswhere you will see the remains of an old mill and a small stonebridge that you have to cross to continue along a wide trackzigzagging uphill until it fades away in an open fields area. Payattention at this point as you must follow the yellow marks of alittle path that goes into a forest. Eventually the path will getflatter and lead you to a land sliding area known as “Terrallera del Maça”.

You must cross a stream and ignore the yellow marks goingupstream. Instead follow the other yellow marks and after crossingsome clearings amidst the forest you will arrive at an open areaof grasslands known as “El Port”. Descend diagonally until findingthe R100 sign, El Port.

Go downhill towards Vilallonga de Ter following a wide trackalong the “Serrat del Cros” ridge where it is common to see horsesand cattle grazing. While descending you can enjoy beautifulviews over Tregurà on your left, the neighbourhood of Llebró justin front of you and Vilallonga, Llanars, La Roca and Camprodonon your right. Leave the trail when it ends in a dirt track to takea little path following an electrified fence on its first stretch tolater on rapidly descend to the bottom of the valley near the “CanSants” farmhouse where you will see a paved track. After crossingthe river Ter you will arrive at the main road. Just in front of acamp-site you can take a footpath that will lead you to Vilallongade Ter. Enter the village by the Setcases street and follow it untilarriving at the church square, R96 sign Vilallonga de Ter, the end of the route.