Healthy walk El Far d'Empordà short hike

  • Modality
    • By foot
  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Far d'Empordà, el
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 30min
  • Distance
    • 2Km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 26m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 18m
  • Ascent
    • 1m
  • Descent
    • 1m
  • Thematic
    • Healthy walks

This route does not follow the Itinerànnia network of trails, you must follow the signs of the healthy itineraries of the Dipsalut.

he route starts at the intersection of Carrer Monturiol, Carrer Fortià and Carrer Figueres in L'Oliva.

Walk down Carrer Figueres and take the Fortià to Far d'Empordà road to the centre of Far. Take a right at the Carrer de l'Oliva and Carrer Fonolledes intersection and continue to Carrer de les Moles, taking another right. Take a left a few metres beyond on Carrer de Rodamilans and walk to the Camí de Siurana. Continue to the right. The first section is still in the village centre and then turns into a quiet road; take it for about 750 metres to the four-way trail junction. Head in the direction of L'Oliva, returning to the neighbourhood on the right. Take Carrer Monturiol Street back to the starting point.