Healthy walk Torroella de Fluvià long hike

  • By foot
  • Alt Empordà
  • Torroella de Fluvià
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 1h40min
  • 6,7 Km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 29m
Hide elevation minimum
  • 6m
  • 17m
  • 17m
  • Healthy walks

This route does not follow the Itinerànnia network of trails, you must follow the signs of the healthy itineraries of the Dipsalut.

 The route start in the centre of Sant Tomàs de Fluvià. Leave from in front of the church and continue straight to the road, bearing slightly to the right and taking the first path to the left on the Torroella de Fluvià road. Turn right at the fork to take Camí Baix de Sant Tomàs de Fluvià towards Vilacolum. Continue along this main trail for about two kilometres and then turn right on the turnoff onto Camí dels Masos, just before Vilacolum. Follow the Camí dels Masos parallel to the C31. Pass a wide path on the right and, at the next junction, take the second of two paths on the right. The way back to the starting point is easy: simply follow the main trail, which also coincides with the Itinerànnia trail markers, for about two kilometres. Walk to the junction that leads to Vilacolum and take a left towards Sant Tomàs to return to the village and reach the church and the start of the route.