Healthy walk Vilamacolum medium hike

  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Vilamacolum
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 1h
  • Distance
    • 4km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 8m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 1m
  • Ascent
    • 1m
  • Descent
    • 1m
  • Thematic
    • Healthy walks

This route does not follow the Itinerànnia network of trails, you must follow the signs of the healthy walks of the Dipsalut.

The first section of the route to the road at the entrance to the village of Vilamacolum coincides with the short hike. Turn left on a rural road, taking a small path again to the left between fields to another trail, taking this trail to the right to the next junction. Turn right and then take an immediately left on Carrer de la Tramuntana. Bear right on Carrer del Mar and walk towards the civic centre, turning left at the centre and taking an unpaved road called Carrer Escoles. Follow this main path, which curves and turns back to the village of Vilamacolum. Take a path between fields to the right, which leads to another trail. Take this trail to the right, pass by the Church of Santa Maria and continue straight on to Carrer Fluvià, turning left to reach the intersection at the start of the route.