Itinerary in Port de la Selva - Costa de l'Oratori. Route 11 Alt Empordà

  • Modality
    • By foot
  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Port de la Selva, El
    • Selva de Mar, La
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 2h 8min
  • Distance
    • 7,1 km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 211 m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 1 m
  • Ascent
    • 202 m
  • Descent
    • 202 m

This itinerary begins at the Port de la Selva Touris Information Office, located on the street Carrer del Mar, in the town centre. You will walk alongside the coast towards Llançà, taking the promenade, at the end of which, you will see an «Itinerànnia» map. Go across the car park and over the main road in the direction of Selva de Mar, where you will see the AE136 vertical signpost. Continue towards Selva de mar, 35 min, along the same road until you see another vertical signpost, the “Itinerànnia” AE137, where you must head in the direction of Port de la Selva, via the Bufadors country house. Follow the track over open land until you come to the main road where you will see the old bridge that conn3cts Sant Pere de Rodes and Selva de Mar with Sant Baldiri, the farmhouses and Cadaqués.

Follow the road from Cadaqués and Roses to the next roundabout on the right, where you will see the cemetery of Port de la Selva, immortalised in the work of Josep Maria de Sagarra:

From the narrow white walls,

you only just catch sight of the sea;

And still you walk on tip-toe,

white cemetery of sailors.”

After the roundabout, turn into the track on the left, go past the cemetery and over a chain. The track finishes in a square, where you take a path on the right tat cuts through a pine forest. The track then forks and you must take the path on the left, bordered by fig trees and climbing up the hill of the Oratory. Leaving behind the pine forest you go up a rocky hill surrounded by Mediterranean wooded scrubland with pine and olive trees in between dry stone walls and shortly you go past the oratory. At the end of the climb you will see an “Itinerànnia” marker which indicates you take the path on the right. Rather than follow the network of footpaths you can do a stretch without the yellow markers that takes yo back to Port de la Selva. Cross the dry stone wall and take the almost non-existent path (to the left) that goes downhill over open land with a few cork trees until it reaches the track; go along the left hand side over wooded scrubland with stone walls and some very interesting dry stone huts. From the track you get a good view over Tamariua cove. After 15 about minutes you come to another track; stay on the left and continue until you reach the village. After about 10 minutes you will leave the track and arrive at the last houses of minutes you will leave the track and arrive aht last houses of Port de la Selva, a point where there are benches for taking a rest and enjoying the scenery. Continue along the sreet Carrer Puig Gros until you come to Carrer de l'Empordà. Follow the street down until you come to a viewpoint with three cannons, form where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the bay of Port de la Selva. Just in front of the viewpoint you will see some steps that take you to the centre of the village: on the street Carrer de Sant Baldiri, carry on down the street Carrer Major, on the right, and then along Carrer de l'Illa until you get back to the Tourist Information Office of Port de la Selva.