Megalithic itinerary of Capmany. Route 13 Alt Empordà

This route can be done on foot or by bike; you will see vertical Itinerànnia arrows and painted yellow marks along the path.

  • Modality
    • By foot
    • On bycicle
  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Capmany
  • Time
    • Between 3 and 4 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 3h 30min
  • Distance
    • 13,5 km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 200
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 103
  • Ascent
    • 269
  • Descent
    • 269

We begin our route at the Parking in carrer Sant Climent, travelling towards  to Sant Sebastià chapel, we continue along Carrer de Santa Llúcia street and we find a tall sign AE179. We continue in the direction shown by the green point route.
We continue until we reach the street Carrer Jonquera where we find a sign indicating the direction of the "paret de pedra" (stone wall). We will see the stone wall and a few metres on there is another sign. At this point the route follows the old road of La Jonquera, we must turn left as indicated by the green arrow to begin the megalithic route.
We continue until we find another sign pointing us towards "Barraca i pedra granítica" (hut and granite rock). After visiting these, we go back to the sign and now move towards the Font del Coll de la Mata ("font" means fountain in Catalan). We find the sign indicating the Vinya Monera area. When we return from the fountain we continue towards the Pedra del Sacrifici (sacrifice stone) and the Font del Capità, at this point we can visit these two monuments and then get back on the main path continuing until we reach the megalithic monuments: the Menhir Vidal and the Pedra Dreta Comanera I and some 500 metres further on the Pedra Dreta Comanera II.
We continue towards the Dolmen del Mirgoler and along this section we find another sign that directs us to the Barraca del Lladre (thief's hut), a megalithic element that belongs to the village of Agullana. There are no yellow marks along this part but it is easy to reach. We return from the hut and follow the path towards the
Dolmen del Mirgoler. After this dolmen, we pass through the Serrat Alegre area. For a while we follow the path forming part of the route leading to La Jonquera, which we leave at the Serra Comanera II crossroads where we head towards the Menhir del Querafumat. This is found on the Els Estanys path. At this point, if you have time, you may follow the La Jonquera megalithic route (approximately two hours).
We head towards the Font del Mas Oliva, from Mas Oliva towards the Dolmen and the Menhir del Querafumat II, we will go to the Font de la Verneda and the Dolmen de la Verneda. Turning back the way we came, now we follow the Cantallops road towards the Pedra Oscil·lant (rocking stone) and continue downhill until we enter Capmany on the Carrer Alt street. We turn left and find ourselves at the AE179 crossroad on Carrer Santa Llúcia street, which we follow until we return to the Parking carrer Sant Climent.