Rabós- Sant Quirc- Sant Quirze

Route to the church of Sant Quirc and the monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera, former Benedictine abbey in the county of Empúries. You will be amazed at how such majestic constructions could be made in such a secluded place from civilization.

  • By foot
  • Alt Empordà
  • Rabós
  • More than 4 hours
  • High
  • 4h35min (anada)
  • 13 Km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 429m
Hide elevation minimum
  • 75m
  • 459m
  • 365m
  • Albera’s Natural Park on foot

This route was proposed by Paratge Natural de l'Albera and Rabós council. Partially signposted some sections with yellow Itinerànnia markings and some sections also with white and red GR11 markings.

Start at the Pont Vell de Rabós, leaving from the old bridge and following the trail in the direction of Sant Quirze. Take the first turnoff to the left to follow the Orlina River. The trail quickly comes to a crossroads; take the path to the right and pass by a house in ruins on the right.We leave the yellow marks. Continue climbing, crossing an abandoned vineyard and passing a hut on the right, and the path turns into a footpath to the Coma de Felis dolmen. Continue along the same path above the dolmen, cross a ridge to a rocky wall, which should be followed to the right as the path continues uphill. Pass a well-preserved vineyard on the right. Turn left where the wall ends, cross the ridge and then walk up to the Font del Rector  after passing through a door. Walk up the stairs and pass through another door. Take the path on the left to a large oak tree. Continue along the path on the right to the Church of Sant Quirc. Continue along the footpath to the left, passing a turnoff on the left and arriving at a junction. Take the path to the left and walk uphill towards a field, which the path passes on the right and leads to some cork oaks below. From here, a steep footpath leads to the ridge. At this point there is another junction; take a right and continue along this path that passes along the ridge. After a small climb to the left, there is a turnoff  that leads to the Solar d'en Gibert dolmen (30 min round trip). The path continues to the right, is flat for a stretch, then descends to the Coll de la Plaja. Now we can follow the yellow marks and also the white and red ones of the GR11. Turn to the right and follow a section of trail downhill to a path that leads to the left and the Font dels Gossos. From this point, take the footpath to the ridge; the path will slowly disappear before Sant Quirze de Colera Monestary.