Route Dòrria- Planoles- Dòrria. Ruta 6 Vall de Ribes

Dòrria is a small neighbourhood attached to Toses. Situated at an altitude of 1,550 m, it is one of the highest villages in Catalonia and the Pyrenees. In the 2009 census it had 17 inhabitants. The village has been declared a cultural asset of national.

  • By foot
  • Ripollès
  • Planoles
  • Toses
  • More than 4 hours
  • High
Estimated duration
  • 6h50min
  • 15,4Km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 1.773m
Hide elevation minimum
  • 1.133m
  • 735m
  • 735m
  • Vall de Ribes routes

The village has been declared a cultural asset of national interest due to its beauty and the conservation of the Romanesque paintings of the church of Sant Víctor de Dòrria.

A circular route starting and end from the nucleus of Dòrria and passing Planoles and Planés. We set out in front of the church of Sant Víctor, at the R166 crossing, along the stone-flagged streets, but we will quickly leave them behind. Along an initially flat path, we walk towards the bosc d’en Bernat wood (this section coincides with the GR11) and after some 20 minutes we come to the D1 Camí del Bosc crossing.

At this point we leave the GR11 and the Itinerànnia basic network to continue the route. After turning right, in a progressive ascent crossing streams always on a clearly visible path, we reach an altitude of 1,800 m, with a splendid view of the Ribes Valley.

At this point the path becomes narrower, passing along the flanks of the Dòrria hill and the Pas dels Lladres. We cross the Planès river and then start the progressive descent to the collet de les Barraques road Pl1, which we reach in around four hours, rejoining the basic network and later the GR11.Continuing towards Planoles, after a quarter of an hour we reach the R147 Can Fosses crossing.

At this point we can return towards Dòrria following the GR11 and the basic network, taking around two hours.

The proposed route continues to the nucleus of Planoles. We reach the R150 Planoles crossing towards La Baronia and continue towards Dòrria, passing through Planès,where we come to the R149 crossing. Continuing towards Dòrria, after some 20 minutes we come to a new crossing, R148 serrat del Mestre. At this point we continue towards Dòrria along the basic network and the GR11, arriving in two hours.