Ruta de les Fonts i Verlets. Route 1 Sant Joan les Fonts

This walk takes you through an area full of natural springs where local people once went to relax, above all in summer.

  • Modality
    • By foot
    • On bycicle
  • Region
    • Garrotxa
  • Towns
    • Sant Joan les Fonts
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 1h 15min
  • Distance
    • 3,81 km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 364
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 338
  • Ascent
    • 51
  • Descent
    • 51

This circular walk can be started from many different places and you will find in this leaflet two different proposals. One possible starting point is the spring Font de la Rompuda, where there is a car park and information board that describes the route of this first walk.

Route apt for people of reduced mobility (with help)

Begin at the crossroads between Carrer de la Rompuda and Carrer Sant Pere where you will find the signpost SJ11; head towards ‘Font de Can Xervanda’ and after a just few metres you’ll come to signpost SJ10, where you should turn left along Carrer Marc Marunys towards ‘Font de les Mulleres’. You quickly come to signpost SJ2, where you should turn right. From here, the route runs along a very quiet minor road between old houses and fields, passing by two other signposts, SJ3 and SJ4, where you always should continue straight on towards ‘Font de les Mulleres’. Just after passing signpost SJ4, you come finally to La Font de les Mulleres and then a few metres further on to an information board that heralds the route of the Les Fonts i Els Verlets. Here you leave the tarmac and you start the part of the walk that will be most difficult for people of reduced mobility. Reach the next junction, signpost SJ5, and then almost immediately signpost SJ6, where you rejoin the road, now heading for ‘La Font de la Rompuda’. At signpost SJ7, you can head for ‘La Font de la Rompuda’ and back to the starting point of the walk. However, if you still want to walk further, head towards ‘Font de Can Xervanda’. On the way you will come to signposts SJ8 and SJ2, at the second of which you are back on the first part of the walk along Carrer Marc Marunys. At the end of this street, turn right towards ‘La Font de la Rompuda’ and back to the start of the walk.

Walk to the volcano of La Canya

At the junction of Carrer de la Rompuda and Carrer Sant Pere you will find signpost SJ11, where you should head towards ‘Font Bona’. Once at signpost SJ7, head right towards ‘Font Freda (per Verlets)’ along the minor road as far as signpost SJ8. Turn left here on a path that follows the restored canals and channels, passing through a number of cattle gates in the fences. Continue towards La Font de Fontfreda, passing signpost SJ9 before reaching the stepping-stones that take you over the stream to the spring. From the spring onwards, keep on along the path that will take you up to a minor road at signpost SJ4 and then in a few metres you will come to another spring, Font de les Mulleres. Just a few metres further on you reach an information board indicating the route of the Les Fonts i Els Verlets. Here you leave the road and pick up a broad track that will take you to signposts SJ5 and SJ6; at the latter signpost a short 5-min detour will take you ‘La Font Bona’ and back. Retrace your steps to signpost SJ5 and head over the volcano of La Canya following the signs towards ‘Font Freda’ and ‘Font de Can Xervanda’. This is the part of the walk with the best views of the town of St Joan. You reach signpost SJ9, where you should continue towards ‘La Font de Can Xervanda’ and on to signpost SJ3. Here, turn right towards ‘La Font de Can Xervanda’ along the minor road. At signpost SJ2, continue straight on along Carrer Marc Marunys to signpost SJ10, and then left down towards ‘La Font de Can Xervanda’. After a few metres ahead in the mid-distance you will see the basaltic lava flow and on the left a sign for the Natural Park itinerary that heads down to La Font de Can Xervanda. Here, you leave the yellow paint marks. Once you have visited this spring, retrace your steps back to SJ10, where you can carry straight back on towards ‘La Font de la Rompuda along Carrer Rompuda and the starting point of this walk.