St. James Catalonian Way Alt Empordà: Coll de Panissars-La Jonquera-Vilabertran section

The Catalan path of Sant Jaume goes from Coll de Panissars to Montserrat. Here you find a first section to Vilabertran where it coincides with the Gironí path.

  • Modality
    • By foot
  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Agullana
    • Biure
    • Capmany
    • Darnius
    • La Jonquera
    • Pont de Molins
    • Vilabertran
  • Time
    • More than 4 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Medium
  • Estimated duration
    • 8h40min
  • Distance
    • 31km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 301m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 19m
  • Ascent
    • 342m
  • Descent
    • 572m
  • Thematic
    • St. James way

The Saint James Way is famous worldwide for the thousands of pilgrims who venture to complete it every year. But...where does the Way begin? In the north of Catalonia. We can identify three starts: from la Jonquera- Coll de Panissars (Camí Català), el Port de la Selva and consequently from Sant Pere de Rodes (Camí Gironí) and Coll de Banyuls (Via Domitia i Via Marina)

The section we propose is the first section of the Catalan path.

The section la Jonquera-Vilabertran

The section of The Way of St. James from la Jonquera starts from France by the Coll de Panissars, crosses the town of La Jonquera you have to follow the yellow arrows and also coincides with the GR2 and is a path marked by the Itinerànnia paths network (horizontal yellow marks).

Continues from Agullana to mas del Forn goes under the railway line, we take an asphalted path from the GI500 road, at km. 1, following the road for about 350 metres before taking another path to the fàbrica de Sabonet, we follow an asphalted path to l’Estrada, along puig del Ram street to the Església square and Font street. We head towards the mill at Can Carbonell and follow this path until we reach mas Serra and mas Ros where the municipality of Agullana finishes.

It continues to cross a small section of the municipality of Capmany through the Bosquerós area and follows another small section through the municipality of Darnius to Can Barris. The whole section from La Jonquera to Mas Barris also coincides with the GR2 and the Itinerànnia network of trails.

Enter the municipality of Biure in this section we leave the GR2 but continue as a path marked by the Itinerànnia pathway (horizontal yellow marks). We cross Ricardell river and continue to reach Biure. Now, only following the yellow arrows, we go out on Carrer del Mestre Lluís Rocalba, to Fonteta, and follow the GIV-5043 road towards Molins. We will leave the municipal area of Biure and continue towards Pont de Molins follows a path towards the Mare de Déu del Roure, and continues towards Molins. 

Leave the town of Molins and follow the track that leads to Pont de Molins after passing under the AVE tracks and arriving at Pont de Molins. All this section also coincides with the network of Itinerànnia paths (horizontal yellow marks). We pass by the bridge over the Muga, and we will only follow the yellow arrows. We leave the town on the street of Figueres. Before leaving to the national highway we take a parallel path for almost 600 m. 

We will leave to the asphalt of the national and we will continue it for 600 meters more, at the height of the flour Mill Sant Lluís we leave the municipal term and we will continue towards Vilabertran. We will leave the asphalt along a path to the left, we pass the lock of Ca n’Alai and continue towards the Hostalets, we will continue towards Vilabertran until the canonical one, where it joins the junction of the Gironí Way of St.James that comes from Sant Pere de Rodes or Port de la Selva.