The Aspres and Albera route. Route 14 Alt Empordà

The route of the Aspres and the Albera is a route of more than 40 kilometers. Walking is designed to be done in two stages. Cantallops to Espolla: one day the upper part of the route (castle area of ​​Requesens) and the other day Capmany and Sant Climent

  • Modality
    • By foot
    • On bycicle
  • Region
    • Alt Empordà
  • Towns
    • Cantallops
    • Capmany
    • Espolla
    • La Jonquera
    • Sant Climent Sescebes
  • Time
    • More than 4 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Medium
  • Distance
    • 42,63Km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 716m
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 73m
  • Ascent
    • 1.098m
  • Descent
    • 1.098m

A route for vineyards and olive groves, megalithic monuments, the Sanctuary and the Castle of Requesens, the refuge of the Forn de Calç.
We find four main towns - Cantallops, Capmany, Espolla and Sant Climent -, in the so-called Aspres unit, soft, habitable and workable, with s neighborhoods, such as the Bosquerós and the Vall -a Capmany-, the Vilars - in Espolla - or Ullastre and Vilartolí - in Sant Climent Sescebes. In the mountainous part, a landscape of beech, oak, holm oaks and cork oaks.
A proposal of more than 40 kilometers that we can do in two stages:
One day the upper part of the route: castle area of Requesens fromCantallops to Espolla and the other day by the villages of Capmany and Sant Climent. Along the route you will find square plates identifying the route.
The cyclable part is the lower part of the route, Dels Vilars, Espolla, Sant Climent Sescebes, Capmany, Cantallops and until the Castle of Requesens.

We will leave Cantallops through Angel Guimerà street and continue along Figueres street, in Plaça dels Horts we find the AE99 junction, we continue in the direction of Requesens. From this intersection we will find a square identification plate of the route and yellow painted road markings. We turn right onto calle de les escoles and then to the left onto Requesens street, following the signs we turn right and leave the asphalt. After a few meters we find the Aspres 1 junction and continue along the Camí vell de Requesens. The road climbs in a zigzag until you reach the track, turn right, during this stretch we have spectacular elevated views.
We arrive at the intersection AE98 Coll de Medàs, we will go towards Requesens, following the yellow marks, we arrive at the crossing AE96 Requesens, where we will continue towards els Vilars.
At this point the road also coincides with the GR11. We follow the track and continue until the AE95 Castell de Requesens, we continue towards els Vilars.
From here it is advisable, just follow the route on foot.
At the side of the road we can see the shelter of the Forn de Calç, we continue towards the Mirapols pass until we reach the AE104 Mirapols junction, we will continue towards els Vilars and Espolla. Throughout this journey we follow the yellow and white and red markings of the GR. We will arrive at the AE105 Puig Grosser, continue again towards the Vilars, following Itinerànnia and the GR11. In the els Vilars we find the ASPRES 2 junction.
From this point, the route can be done by bicycle.
 We will continue in the direction of Espolla, we can go through the center of the town, we go through the Reliquer street towards the Dòlmen square and we continue along the Balmanya street until the Fraternal, where we will find the AE102 crossing, we will continue in the direction of Vilartolí.
In Vilartolí we find the AE101 junction and continue in the direction of Sant Climent Sescebes, we enter the town along the street del Pont and continue along Sant Sebastià street until the intersection AE178.
We continue towards Capmany, between fields until we reach the ASPRES3 La Campassa junction, where we will continue towards Capmany, where there is a little less than one kilometer.

We enter Capmany, go to the hermitage of Sant Sebastià, continue along the street of Santa Llucia and we will find a high pole with flags AE179 located on a slope. We climb and continue to the right towards Cantallops.
We walk along a paved road, along the road we will find the intersection C17 Pedra oscil.lant, C16 Camí de Cantallops and AE100 Mas Faig we will always follow the Cantallops direction.The end of the route.