To the old fortress of the Counts of Besalú: Dosquers. Route 7 Garrotxa

This is a flat walk that will take you to the ruins of the old castle and the church of Sant Martí in the hamlet of Dosquers. Also highly recommendable by bike.

  • Modality
    • By foot
    • On bycicle
  • Region
    • Garrotxa
  • Towns
    • Besalú
    • Maià de Montcal
  • Time
    • Less than 3 hours
  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Estimated duration
    • 2h 25min
  • Distance
    • 9,41 km
  • Hide elevation maximum
    • 139
  • Hide elevation minimum
    • 121
  • Ascent
    • 24 m
  • Descent
    • 24 m

Accessible with help or handbike.

Park at the car park on the far side of the bridge in Besalú where this walk begins at the Itinerànnia signpost G103-Pont romànic. Head towards ‘Dosquers’ by going down the steps towards the river. Continue through the picnic area and past the quarry buildings, and then alongside the river – with interesting birdlife – on a plane-tree-lined minor road. Cross the river and then continue along the same track with the river now to your right.

After a while, follow the track around to the left, and then, just before the motorway, turn right and pass underneath this busy road. Pick up the main track again and, after passing between two fields, you enter a small wood that hides a house, La Canova del Riu, off to your left. Keep straight on through the fields on the main track. Some way on, at a crossroads where four large tracks more or less meet, bear right and then immediately left. Continue straight on, cross over a stream, La Riera de Maià and pass through a sunken lane with Can Marçal up to your right and then more farm buildings to your left. Immediately afterwards, you reach the Itinerànnia signpost  MM6 and straight ahead just the other signpost G176-Dosquers, where you should turn up to the left towards ‘Dosquers’.

This hamlet was an independent municipality until 1969. It was built around the fortified castle of Dosquers, which belonged to the Counts of Besalú, of which today just a few remains can be seen. It passed into the hands of the Bishop of Girona, who donated it to the chapel of the Episcopal Palace. The parish church, documented since 1245, is dedicated to Saint Martí.

Return to signpost G176-Dosquers and turn right back towards Besalú, in a few meters another signpost MM6 towards to Besalu, too. Being sure to keep right and then immediately left at the main crossroads of tracks. Continue past La Canova d’en Riu and retrace your steps back under the motorway; once out from under the main road, turn left and then right to head back towards Besalú. Cross the river and continue straight ahead through the grove of plane trees until you reach the picnic area once again.