Walking through the forest near Ter's river bank and the flat lands of Sant Pau la Ral. Route 4 Ripo

  • By foot
  • Ripollès
  • Sant Pau de Segúries
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 2h 45min
  • 8,5 km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 910
Hide elevation minimum
  • 850
  • 120
  • 120

The itinerary begins in Sant Pau de Segúries, from the Era square, right in the old part of town. Take the main street until you get to the road, where on the other side you can see the R66 sign Estació meteorològica. Continue towards Camprodon following an uphill street until you find the “old path to go to mass”, which linked Sant Pau de Segúries, located at the bottom of the valley with the old parish's church. After walking a few meter son the road to Capsacosta you will arrive at the G169 sign Antiga rectoria.

Head towards Camprodon passing by the old rectory and church of Sant Pau, nowadays a holiday camp. After passing through some meadows above the village, the wide trail suddenly finishes in a quarry. You must climb a few small steps and continue on a little path above a canal until it descends to meet a wide paved track. R67sign Pont de la Rovira.

Continue on this track towards Camprodon passing along an aqueduct and a former opencast calcium mine. The track deepens for a good while into a shady beech forest. We pass by the “Can Peric” farmhouse, gaining altitude a few meters ahead. On your left you see the flat lands of La Ral with the small village in the middle. Keep walking passing near a trough and leave the road to “Sitja” behind. A few meters ahead you arrive at a junction where you can make a detour to visit the Sanctuary of Remei. It is worth to visit, as it is a great viewing point of the “SerraCavallera” mountain range. Allow 30 minutes for the roundtrip.

Continue the route down the track following a paved road until you pass underneath an aqueduct. At this point you must leave the track and go down to the river Ter. R107 sign Gual de Can Beia. Cross the ford and turn left in the opposite direction that you were following before. Enter in a hazelnut grove and climb following a little path up to the plains of “Can Falguera”.

You are now in the old road from Ripoll to Camprodon. Amid the plains, you arrive at the little village of La Ral, founded by Jaume I. Continue along the old road, always parallel to the river Ter, amid lush vegetation, until find another time the R67 sign Pont de la Rovira, where the trail passes under the bridge, and where it ends at the main road.

Once you have crossed the bridge, leave for a while the Itinerànnia route, to walk on the main road towards Sant Pau de Segúries. A few meters ahead you will arrive at a crossroads, where you must take the path to your right bringing you parallel to the river Ter. Follow this path and in a few minutes you will arrive at the centre of Sant Pau de Segúries, starting point and end of the route.