Western point of Cap de Creus. Route 15 Natural park of Cap de Creus

  • By foot
  • Alt Empordà
  • Cadaqués
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Easy
Estimated duration
  • 45min
  • 2,2 Km
Hide elevation maximum
  • 71m
Hide elevation minimum
  • 14m
  • 128m
  • 128m
  • Walking in Cap de Creus

The  trail begins at the Cap de Creus lighthouse in the same area as the 'Espai Cap de Creus',  which   features an inform atio n centre and a small museum,  for  those seeking furthe r information on  this unique area.Walkers need to follow the red signals and  the signs which  will lead you to the western point of  the Cap deCreus,   betw een  rockrose , mastic  and  juniper bushes. The  circular route : thi s trail   links to to La Cova  de S’Infern and   to the  point of Cap de Creus  and  follows the entire cape   coastline.The  path pro vides walkers with views over the  islets of La Massa d’Oros (or Sa Rata) and S’ Encalladora. In the area  of S’Eixugador up to Sa Clavaguera,the routeis flanked by reeds and bulrushes which  grow along ariverbed,which  is dry during  most of year.