Information boards

Information boards have been set up in all the towns and villages, showing the network map of the whole region as well as essential telephone numbers and an explanation of how to follow the markings.

In larger towns, there are information boards located at each entry point to the city. In the smaller ones we will find only one that is located in the center of the municipality.

The information boards are double-sided, and allow them to be placed globally in the territory.

On the one hand, we will find the map of the Itinerànnia trail network for the whole region and a description of the basic Itinerànnia network (red points), which allows you to move like a network of roads to go on foot through all the municipalities and also a brief description and links to proposed regional or trans-regional routes and itineraries promoted by different entities.

On the other side we will find the map of the municipality, with the layout and description of the different itineraries that pass through the municipality, we will not only find those of Itinerànnia (green tip), we have also included all the itineraries that pass through municipal term: its description and the type of signalisation that must be followed.

There is also a small street map of the municipality, which indicates the streets to follow to do each of the routes, since there is no horizontal signalisation within the towns.

  • Itinerànnia information billboards in the municipalities