Vertical signpost at crossroads

The vertical signposts at crossroads indicate the 4 closest towns or villages in each direction, from the closest to the farthest. The distance is shown in time (6 hours at the most).

If the same village or town appears several times on different arrows of the same signpost, you will need to read the description below the town.

If there are no descriptions below the place name, then you are looking at the shortest route to the town or village. If the indication says something like: "Per" (i.e. Via), it means that this is a longer alternative to get to the same place.

Each signpost has a small plaque that shows the name of the place where it is located, the altitude and the UTM coordinates.

  •  Directional signalisation Itinerànnia basic network of trails that connects 108 municipalities of Ripollès, La Garrotxa and Alt Empordà