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Itinerànnia an interregional pioneering initiative

Itinerànnia's Revitalizing Advice is formed by the Regional Advices of three regions and by tourist entities in our region  (Agència Ripollès Desenvolupament, Turisme Garrotxa and Empordà Turisme) and consists of three special commissions of work:

 1. The political Commission integrated by the presidents of the Regional Advices, together with the presidents of the tourist entities before mentioned.

 His function is to guard over the maintenance of the ways of the network, the reinstatement and improvement of the horizontal and vertical signposting and the suitable promotion of this infrastructure, in order that it reverts in an economic and social improvement for the territories that form part of the network of paths.

2. The executive Commission that will take charge stimulating all the actions directed to a good functioning of the network of paths. It is formed by the managers of the Regional Advices or those who designate these and the components of the Committee of Pilotage managers and / or technical personnel of the tourist entities together with coordination of the project.

 3. Table of conciliation with entities of conservation of the nature and groups trippers: In this commission there will be all the entities of conservation of the nature and groups trippers of the territories who form a part of the network of paths. One will organize a joint annual session that will be rotary for the different territories.

 The priorities of Itinerànnia's Revitalizing Advice are:

* The positioning of the territories of the network of paths like trekking destination differentiated and recognized

 * To guarantee the territorial development across the conservation of the network of put up signs and approved ways and of the creation, diffusion and promotion of tourist products in the network of paths

 * Reduce the hyperfrequentness of certain areas of the territory

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